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Last night the pathetic Democrat candidate trotted out one of his favorite obfuscations: the [Bush] “tax cuts that weren’t paid for.” Such “tax cuts that weren’t paid for” are his all-purpose excuse for the skyrocketing and incomprehensible debt.

The debt has nothing to do with, and one couldn’t possibly reduce, the “investment” our country needs to make to move “forward.”

Did you catch that? For the current President, tax cuts are spending, and spending is investment.

Yet another example of “all your money are belong to us.” The man has absolutely no understanding of what America is about. November 6 had better hurry up and get here!


The ice pick RNC convention

That’s what we’re calling it around here, because ice picks — or stilettos, for that matter; same principle — don’t look as imposing as a gun or a knife, but they’ll kill you just as easily.

Dozens of tiny daggers, slipped in almost unawares, withdrawn quickly, delivered with a low key manner or even smiles.

You know there’s something wrong with the kind of job he’s done as President, when the best feeling you had was the day you voted for him.

Hope and Change has become Divide and Conquer.

These are the ideas that people come to America to get away from.

We all know that Biden is the intellect of the Democratic Party.

Now my dad made sure I could take care of myself.  I carried a Smith and Wesson 357 magnum.

I’ll be damned. We’re Republicans.

We own this country. Politicians are employees of ours.

Our problem is not that he’s a bad person. It’s that he’s a bad President.

It’s on!

The brave new world

The unhappy outcome of society’s embrace of abortion: after-birth abortions. So called to hide what that really is:


Now promoted by a so-called medical ethicist near you.

Let’s paraphrase for a moment:

First they came for the unborn, who had no meaningful right to life, existing as they did in their mother’s womb; and we did nothing to save the unborn.

Then they came for the elderly ailing, who had no meaningful right to life, since they were in pain and a burden on others; and we did nothing to save the elderly ailing.

Then they came for the babies, who had no meaningful right to life because they were just too young to care for themselves or articulate their experiences & dreams; “their moral status was just like that of fetuses”; and we did nothing to save the babies.

When they come for us — what?! you think they won’t? — we truly will have no meaningful right to life, because we have allowed the murders and thus betrayed our humanity.


It’s a depraved species that encourages the killing of its young.


(And this statement from the journal’s editor, concerning death threats the so-called medical ethicists have allegedly received, is richly ironic:

“[T]here is a drive is to silence and, in the extreme, kill, based on their own moral certainty. That is not the sort of society we should live in.”

You don’t say.)

A small moment of joy

I was self-medicating with one of those Dove dark chocolates a couple of days ago. You know: the ones with the insipid messages inside the foil wrapper. “Chocolate loves you unconditionally.” (While I believe in a magical universe, I’m not delusional.) “You’re delicious!” (And the chocolate knows this how? Or, if it is going around saying that to every chocolate eater, then I’m not really that special anymore, am I?) “Calories only exist if you count them.” (Uh, no, that’s just a lie. We all know this, I hope, and eat our chocolate anyway.)

But this wrapper had the most inspiring message evah: “Smiting is free!“


Then I saw that it actually read, “Smiling is free.” Oh, well, if you say so.

George Reinas as ideal American

Hey, my blog, my projections — got it?

If you haven’t watched Top Shot on the History Channel, season 2 of which just concluded, then you will be bored to tears by this post; probably best just to leave now.

Also, if you think you will watch it, but just haven’t gotten around to it yet, well, best to go away now. Big time spoiler alert.

Top Shot is a marksmanship competition/reality show that begins with 16 excellent shooters divided into two teams and ends with four individuals competing for the title of Top Shot and a prize of $100 K.

You have to have seen the season that concluded last night for anything else I’m going to write here to make any sense at all. So here it is:

George Reinas is the ideal American, and we’d be a hell of a lot better off as a country if more of us were more like George.

For most of this season, to me, George was aggravating as all get out, with his cocky comments about other shooters, his arrogance, his utter irrepressibility.

He was also competent as all get out, a sniper instructor who sniped the sniper challenge — “one shot, one kill” — even if that meant another contestant actually won the challenge by getting a quicker ”kill” on the target using two shots. George stayed loyal to his own standards.

George was great TV, but that’s not why I see him as the ideal American. He was great TV because he was willing to be seen. When another competitor shot poorly, there’s the interview where George says, “He sucked!” When George shot poorly, there’s the interview where George says, “I sucked!” George clearly is someone who can both dish it out and take it.

When the challenge involved dropping from 120 feet while shooting at balloons, and George doesn’t apparently like heights very much, he put on his game face and smoked the competition. One of the funniest things I’ve ever seen was in that episode: George starting with his laughing letting-it-all-hang-out face and drawing his hand down, leaving behind his scary game face mask. In a second he went from the jerk at the beach to a serious fighter, someone not to cross.

George was also an amazing shooter, and part of the reason I see him as the ideal American is that all his cocky talk was backed up by his competence. After all, is it really arrogance if you really are that good?

He also stayed loyal to his people, and there’s where he went from an excellent and intimidating competitor, fighter and shooter, to an ideal we all need to be trying to achieve.

In the finale, which aired last night, we see George deliberately miss a plate with a pistol shot at 25 feet, what had to be a very easy shot for him. But Chris Reed would have been eliminated immediately had George made that shot, and George obviously believed Chris deserved and needed to fight for his place in the competition. Chris was in the midst of an uncharacteristic bad run — this was the only time Chris seemed to be struggling; Chris had picked the strongest team at the outset of the competition and performed superbly all the way through; George was Chris’ first pick, in fact.

George’s loyalty to Chris inspired his decision to allow Chris a path to remain in the competition. And then Chris hit the plate, tying with George and avoiding elimination. And then Chris beat George in the next competition, using a Sharp’s rifle to shoot a plate at 50 yards.

AND THEN Chris beat Gunny Brian Zins in the very final competition to win Top Shot.

If George had hit the plate with the pistol shot, Chris would have been eliminated and the finalists would have been George and Gunny. George didn’t throw the competition to Chris; he just gave Chris the chance to stay in it, and Chris shook off his own funk and got right back in it. It was a gift, and Chris knew enough to seize the chance and not dishonor himself & George both by refusing the gift. This episode was so amazing to watch, we were shrieking at the TV.

So here’s George: bright, brash, skilled, a fierce competitor; confident to the point of arrogance; saying what he felt about everyone, including himself. At times infuriating, but always so honest that it was easy to forgive him. It didn’t appear that he held grudges, he just let it all out immediately and then returned to excelling at the task at hand. When he might have had a chance to win, he revealed something about himself we could easily have missed: a huge heart and a sense of loyalty.

I spent a lot of season 2 of Top Shot feeling quite annoyed at George, and I imagine if life conspired to make us friends, I’d still get annoyed at him frequently. But I would also spend all my time trying to deserve his loyalty and respect, because his loyalty and respect is worth deserving. George is who we want at our back (and he’s an Air Force sniper instructor, so we have him at our back!) and he is who we never want to let down.

This is what America and Americans used to be: bright, brash, skillful, fiercely competitive, confident to the point of arrogance, loud, sometimes infuriating, and blessed with honor, loyalty, and huge heart. This is the spirit we need to revive, whether we call it cowboy spirit or Jersey attitude.

George Reinas is the ideal American. I hope I get to tell him that someday!

Save money and lives

I know how to stop the flow of guns into Mexico. It’s simple, really:

Defund BATFE.

Fait accompli!

And now for some good news

The UN General Assembly suspended Libya from the UN Human Rights Council! We are so pleased! The world “spoke with one voice!”

What the hell, you may ask, was Libya doing on the Human Rights Council in the first place?

Well, see, we are most unfortunately living in a world where those who really ought to know better just want to be nice.

See, if we, who (used to) have morals and compassion and basic human virtues, are very very nice, share our toys, submit ourselves, accept all behaviors as the moral equivalent of ours — well, then everybody else will play nice too. Because, see, they only misbehave because we are just too, too aggravating. So we are very very nice, and that means they’ll be nice too, and then there won’t be any more wars, or dictators enslaving their populaces for their own greed or power-trips. No more Rwandan massacres. There won’t be greed, or starvation, or indeed anything uncomfortable, because all those things exist just because we are so very very aggravating.

See, there really isn’t any such thing as evil. Greed does not exist in & of itself. The hatred that others may exhibit is always caused by our own defects. (This phenomenon shows itself a zillion-fold as regards the Jews, who have managed for millenia to be extremely aggravating, really the most aggravating people possible, because they were chosen by God to be His People, blah blah blah; and we just can’t have that. In fact, we can’t even have a people listening to God and trying to be His People; that will just cause trouble. Really, we just must rid ourselves of all these would-be moral troublemakers, and then there won’t be any trouble at all.)

So, because we are being so very very nice now and believing (hoping against hope, more like) that there is no such thing as evil (it only looks that way when others have to react against us because we haven’t been nice enough) well then: everyone is morally equivalent. So, this lovely Libya, with its brutal terrorism-sponsoring dictator, just obviously belongs on the Human Rights Council. Because of course no one knows Human Rights like those who dedicate themselves to eradicating them.

oops — — I slipped the mask and my true colors showed. I may as well drop the sarcasm and come right to the point: Yes, Virginia, there is evil. Greed and hatred exist. Pretending they’ll go away just because we are so very very nice we cannot bother to name them and despise them and shun them; well, that pretense will kill us, someday.

Western civilization committing suicide — that is what Libya’s presence on the Human Rights Council demonstrated. The Enlightenment West just up & gave up, a few decades ago. We don’t defend Israel as we ought; we don’t condemn terrorists and those who support & fund them; most of the time we don’t even blame criminals for the crimes they commit.

So this evening’s action by the UN General Assembly is some good news. Too bad it should have been unnecessary.

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