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My 2 cents worth

won’t save the Republic, since 2¢ isn’t even worth 2¢ anymore; and what’s 2¢ faced with umpty-ump trillions of dollars anyway? But, I have a few comments:

To the Whiner-in-Chief’s complaint that a short-term debt limit increase means the Grinch will steal Christmas, there is a very simple answer: so, spend less and thus buy time before the debt ceiling negotiations need to begin again. Couldn’t this administration do that little bit for the country? (That is of course taking the complaint at face value; when we all quite reasonably suspect that really he’s just campaigning again. Does the man ever stop campaigning? Although, campaigning is the only thing he has talent for, so it is probably too much to hope that he could change his ways, just for a few months.)

To the Whiner-in-Chief & all of Congress, a point I made in an email to my Congressman the other day: you are borrowing 40¢ of every dollar you spend. I defy you to try that in your personal finances, and I cannot believe you have ever been so irresponsible when you were spending your own personal money.

To the Whiner-in-Chief & all the Democrats in Congress: You are collectively profligate beyond comprehension, and your contempt for honest, hard-working Americans, whose money you see fit to toss into the abyss, is appalling. Your profligacy ought to be seen as treason. You belong in debtor’s prisons, not in our federal government.

To all the Republicans in Congress who are resisting the level-headedness of the new (tea party elected) representatives: You are not much better. In fact, you may be worse: the (presumably) good men who did nothing to stop a great evil. AKA, enablers. You too wish to throw our money down the abyss. How dare you?!

Beyond that, Philmon has the best sum up of the situation. Go read him.


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