We're big, we're smart, we're human: we'll muddle through.

The UN General Assembly suspended Libya from the UN Human Rights Council! We are so pleased! The world “spoke with one voice!”

What the hell, you may ask, was Libya doing on the Human Rights Council in the first place?

Well, see, we are most unfortunately living in a world where those who really ought to know better just want to be nice.

See, if we, who (used to) have morals and compassion and basic human virtues, are very very nice, share our toys, submit ourselves, accept all behaviors as the moral equivalent of ours — well, then everybody else will play nice too. Because, see, they only misbehave because we are just too, too aggravating. So we are very very nice, and that means they’ll be nice too, and then there won’t be any more wars, or dictators enslaving their populaces for their own greed or power-trips. No more Rwandan massacres. There won’t be greed, or starvation, or indeed anything uncomfortable, because all those things exist just because we are so very very aggravating.

See, there really isn’t any such thing as evil. Greed does not exist in & of itself. The hatred that others may exhibit is always caused by our own defects. (This phenomenon shows itself a zillion-fold as regards the Jews, who have managed for millenia to be extremely aggravating, really the most aggravating people possible, because they were chosen by God to be His People, blah blah blah; and we just can’t have that. In fact, we can’t even have a people listening to God and trying to be His People; that will just cause trouble. Really, we just must rid ourselves of all these would-be moral troublemakers, and then there won’t be any trouble at all.)

So, because we are being so very very nice now and believing (hoping against hope, more like) that there is no such thing as evil (it only looks that way when others have to react against us because we haven’t been nice enough) well then: everyone is morally equivalent. So, this lovely Libya, with its brutal terrorism-sponsoring dictator, just obviously belongs on the Human Rights Council. Because of course no one knows Human Rights like those who dedicate themselves to eradicating them.

oops — — I slipped the mask and my true colors showed. I may as well drop the sarcasm and come right to the point: Yes, Virginia, there is evil. Greed and hatred exist. Pretending they’ll go away just because we are so very very nice we cannot bother to name them and despise them and shun them; well, that pretense will kill us, someday.

Western civilization committing suicide — that is what Libya’s presence on the Human Rights Council demonstrated. The Enlightenment West just up & gave up, a few decades ago. We don’t defend Israel as we ought; we don’t condemn terrorists and those who support & fund them; most of the time we don’t even blame criminals for the crimes they commit.

So this evening’s action by the UN General Assembly is some good news. Too bad it should have been unnecessary.


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