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Waivers-R-US. When will they open it up to individuals who need a waiver from increased premiums?

Yes, I know, that’s not in the law. Presumably. Well, are we really really really sure about that? Has anyone read the entire Patient Protection blah-de-blah Act yet? Has Ms. Nancy said we’ve now officially found out everything that’s in it? Are you sure?

Because, see, I could really use some relief from increasing premiums. Me, the individual US-ian who is self-employed here.

Oh, that’s right: any minute now I can start gaming the system by simply not carrying insurance until (after) I need it. Except for that responsibility gene I got stuck with. Hmm …

Alternatively, we could ALL file for waivers. Drown the system. Didn’t Ms. Piven recommend that, back before she started recommending Greek-style rioting?


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