We're big, we're smart, we're human: we'll muddle through.

My husband sent me the link to this article in Der Spiegel, on which he commented that the first part is a whitewash of Obama and the second part goes completely off the rails.

While true, that comes nowhere near describing the insanity of the writing. About the only thing the author, Klaus Brinkbäumer, gets right is this:

The US is different, completely and utterly different. Americans have a completely different understanding of social solidarity and the duties of the state.

Then, disregarding his own insight, the author proceeds with all the usual delusions:

• As descendants of immigrants, our opposition to illegal immigration is somehow an incomprehensible contradiction. (Why is it that leftists don’t understand the simple word illegal? Can they really be that stupid, that they just don’t see the difference between legal and illegal immigration? Is it that they do understand the difference, but they don’t like it, so they stupidly hope the rest of us cannot see through their obfuscation? Or do they stupidly still hope that we people of principle and logic will be cowed by their accusations of racism and hatred of immigrants?)

• We want to reduce the power of government (merely because “that’s the way our countrymen have always thought!”) but we want the President to lead us out of crisis. (Wrong in one, Herr Brinkbäumer.) Our true current crisis is spiritual; it is a battle for the soul of the nation. If the President were actually capable of leading us through that crisis, he would need no additional governmental authority (power) to do so. The bigger point, of course, which Herr Brinkbäumer entirely misses, is that the power of the American government does not actually rest in the President himself, but is carefully spread among several institutions, by the Constitution.

• Oh, but that nasty Constitution “irrevocably decrees that a senator from sparsely-populated Alaska has the same rights as a senator from New York.” Umm, yeah: that would be rather the point. That’s part of how we have spread the power around, so that ultimately it does not remain completely in the federal government and the hands of just a few individuals. Our current crisis was precipitated by the federal government’s power grab over the last several decades, in which the federal government and far too many American citizens abandoned our traditional and hard-won wisdom about the appropriate “duties of state” (to wit: few and far between). To revisit the previous point: we want to reduce the power of government, because our countrymen were right about the horrors that inevitably happen when the government has too much power.

There are many more inanities along these lines, but I cannot quite decide which of these following two quotes is more absurd:

Only the major newspapers still provide intelligent analysis, by people like the New York Times’ insightful and levelheaded columnist David Brooks.


Naturally Barack Obama reacts in a more mature, adult way than his predecessor, George W. Bush.

But then, according to Herr Brinkbäumer, I’m just one of those older (read: out-of-touch & past my prime; therefore of course I have no right to impose my thinking on the so-enlightened youth, who are much more European and therefore correct), white (read: racist by definition), gun freaks.

To which I say: damn right I am! Therefore I recommend to you, Herr Brinkbäumer, that you try just a bit harder to understand and value (hey, you just love diversity, don’t you?) what makes Americans so utterly different from you & your socialist European demagogues (yes, I just called you the same name you called us; bite me) and see if you can come to some understanding, instead of blindly following David Brooks’s far left “insight” down the path of insanity.

Because we are utterly different from Europeans, and by God we intend to stay that way!



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