We're big, we're smart, we're human: we'll muddle through.

You know what I’m talking about: Christine O’Donnell in Delaware, who allegedly has too much baggage to win the Senate race; so everyone was supposed to get on the RINO’s side. Like plenty of sitting Senators and Congresscritters don’t have even worse baggage.

Yes, we were pretty annoyed (although not at all surprised) that the NRSC was initially saying they would give no support to her. They must have gotten an earful this morning, because now they are saying they will support her.

My husband has already told the RNC several times (they keep calling) that he’s not willing to give money to the RNC, only to the candidates he chooses. And he tells them straight out it’s because they keep backing RINO elitists. But they don’t listen; and really, isn’t that true of all of them, of both parties, who have made politics their “calling”? They think they know better than the rest of us. But I think this is the year we just show them who really calls the shots.

The danger, of course, is that no one is perfect, and most folks are only intermittently good; I include myself in that. So, you know, power corrupts. There is no perfect candidate. Politics is and always will be filled with imperfect, corruptible people, who will always be subject to the temptation to reach for power and money for themselves. Thus liberty is always in danger and can only be maintained through constant vigilance.

But we have to try, or total darkness is assured. And besides, what else do we have to do during our time on earth (however many times we come around), than to commit ourselves to everything on the side of good (and surely liberty is among the greatest goods bequeathed to us by God and by our ancestors) and then do the best we can to help it grow? I think that’s the game God intended when creating the universe, and I still think that, even though I notice that I play the game differently in each inning. Sometimes it’s meditating/praying (always helpful); sometimes it’s voting; sometimes it’s shooting. Whatever the game looks like, it’s the same game: grow the light.

I’ll only quit when God says game over; no one else gets to take me out.


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