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More on the mosque

Today, links to others (mostly so I can always find them; and yes, the very strong implication there is that I have bookmarked so many posts, my bookmarks are close to useless).

An essay  by Douglas Murray, beautifully and clearly written, at the Daily Beast, on the needless provocation of the Ground Zero Mosque. The money quote:

But for free and open societies, the answer to radical Islam is not Islam. It is free and open societies.

And if you are not reading Robert Avrech every day — well, why aren’t you?! Two recent posts sum up this issue far more succinctly than I can.

The theme that emerges is that Muslims demand and Christians/Jews/secularists yield. Well, why should that be the way of things? As you may have noticed in my previous post, I believe it is time for Christians, Jews, and yes even secularists to make a few demands ourselves.

It’s interesting to me that the Western left loves to invoke victim status for all sorts of people and to assuage guilt by advocating on behalf of all the people they have defined as victims. Well, we’re the victims here, folks; and by here I mean all over the globe, wherever Islamic jihad has victimized Jews, Christians, Muslims, women, gays. We’re the victims. So guess what: we do not owe Islam anything. We do not owe Islam a mosque so very near the World Trade Center site.

Anyone with any common sense will see that the point of this location for a mosque is to proclaim triumph. Well, don’t give them that. And if you are going to give them that, at least drop the sanctimony.

Thank you.


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