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Guest blogger today! Here is my friend’s response to the idea that Rep. Joe Barton should leave the Stupid Party, since they Stupidly are not backing up his rough but true comments on White House shakedowns. And now, over to Wind Rider:

The last thing we need right now is a third party, that’s all the Dems need (and they want it really bad and are behind a lot of the third-party talk) to deliver the coup de grace to what’s left of our Republic.

Look, the ‘Salvation Party’ won’t ramp up anywhere near in time, and even if it finally got in power it would be subject to the same forces as the Evil Party and the Stupid Party.

The Republican party platform is in pretty good shape. What we need is to reform both parties from within their memberships. The mechanisms are there; unfortunately those mechanisms require a lot more real work and attention than wishing/hoping/changing to a ‘Salvation Party’. We are currently getting the government we deserve, (quelle surprise!) and if we want something else we’ll need to deserve it, not expect to get rescued.

No one forces anyone to vote for any party. The local committees are open to reform and will bubble up to the National level. The National level is responsive, at least somewhat, to targeted donations or lack of same. The recent primaries are a good example, lots of new folks ran in the primaries and many National candidates lost. What we need to do in November 2010 is keep the Evil Party at bay while we work on improving both parties (or at least the Stupid Party). Then we work like hell to make sure the RNC and the press don’t foist another McCain on us in 2012. Don’t forget, McCain won the primaries and whose fault is that?

Lots of other work to do. Teaching real American history in the schools comes to mind, including Hayek’s The Road to Serfdom. Whapping upside the head anyone in either party who suggests doing social engineering of any kind would be refreshing. New Mexico issues a voter registration card, it should be required to produce same at a polling booth. While we’re on the subject, lots of voting reform including a voter must be registered (by physically showing valid ID) at least 30 days prior to an election, 60 would be better. Personally, I’d rather revoke the franchise to folks who do not pay taxes (they have no skin in the game) or simply switch to a flat tax so everyone got taxed something regardless. TANSTAAFL!

Longer term, repeal the 17th amendment so the Senate is responsible to their states. And there are several proposed amendments floating about concerning balanced budgets and requiring evidence of Constitutionality for all new or old laws.

As for the Stupid Party acting Stupidly, that’s what 2-year elections are for. You’re not going to get perfect representation, far from it, but failing to hold these turkeys accountable isn’t their fault, it’s ours.

/guest blogger

He wrote it better than I would have. Thank you, Wind Rider!


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