We're big, we're smart, we're human: we'll muddle through.

Here is something that has been building in my “awareness of annoyance” center for a while:


I miss


Everywhere we go, it’s “How are you GUYS?” or “Hey, GUYS, what will you be having this evening?”

Guys” for men and women in a group, but even worse




I dislike this intensely. I consider it to be one of the ways we undermine the positive value of masculinity in our culture. And it is pervasive; even Glenn Beck keeps using the term “GUYS.”

I’m sick of it. I’m considering starting a “Let’s use proper English to bring back proper MEN” society.

MANLINESS is a positive virture, no matter what the feminists may say on the topic.

MEN are grown up and powerful. They have self-control. They are able to act decisively when and as necessary, and they are also able to restrain themselves when action isn’t needed. MEN are strong and are able to use their strength to serve and protect their families, their communities, and their country. MEN have standards. MEN have character.

Guys, let’s be frank, are schlumps. Be honest: what do you picture when you hear the word guy? I’ll bet a pizza that you picture someone sloppily dressed, slumped on the sofa watching the game, with open bags of chips and several empty beer cans strewn about.

So, the picture of guy is weekend life, and not just weekend life: totally-unencumbered-by-any-responsibilities weekend life. That’s the picture summoned by the word guy.

It seems to me that the whole guy culture is becoming an epidemic.

The guy culture is epidemic when the President of the United States, having embarrassed himself (and no one else) by his hastily spoken prejudice about a developing news story, tries to paper over the incident by inviting the GUYS over for a beer. Well, at least the picture shows them wearing suits and trying to sit up reasonably straight; all except the President, of course.

A MAN would have apologized forthrightly, admitting he spoke out of turn and without fully understanding the situation, and been done with it.

PS: I have much much more to write on this topic, so I’ll be returning to it soon and often. In the meantime, good evening, gentlemen!


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