We're big, we're smart, we're human: we'll muddle through.

Regroup for Victory

We are American citizens.

We are powerful, however it may seem at the moment. We can still vote, even if the House of Representatives has decided that the best way to achieve “health care reform” is not to vote on the legislation. They may scorn our system of government (again, will someone please explain to me why citizens cannot start impeachment proceedings?) but we can rally to the Constitution.

November is still on the way. Congress does not yet have the chutzpah to suspend elections, has not yet outlawed the calendar, will never be able to deem that time no longer flows.

We will win, because we must.

I have been reading a lot and writing less, and I have been cooking up a few ideas to shame the shameless. Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, here’s great reading:

The Terms of the Deal

We’re big, we’re smart, we’re human: we’ll muddle through.


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