We're big, we're smart, we're human: we'll muddle through.

Getting to the pointe

And for the all-important second post, the second-most annoying (to me) modern language ill-usage:


where the perfectly good English word point will do.

It’s (notice my lovely well-placed apostrophe) one of those real estate marketing things. Let’s pronounce it poin-tay. For years we have considered daring nighttime forays to place the accent mark this monstrosity is clearly demanding onto the signs of the various pretentious apartment complexes that claim to be Pointes:

Sun Pointe

Nature Pointe

Centre Pointe (a double abomination)

Spare us. We already know that bad spelling commands an extra $100 a month in rent:

Krystal Pointe

You want to overcharge us for living in your precious apartment “communities”? Just do it. Now may we please return to good honest English?

We’re big, we’re smart, we’re human: we’ll muddle through!


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