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Last night the pathetic Democrat candidate trotted out one of his favorite obfuscations: the [Bush] “tax cuts that weren’t paid for.” Such “tax cuts that weren’t paid for” are his all-purpose excuse for the skyrocketing and incomprehensible debt.

The debt has nothing to do with, and one couldn’t possibly reduce, the “investment” our country needs to make to move “forward.”

Did you catch that? For the current President, tax cuts are spending, and spending is investment.

Yet another example of “all your money are belong to us.” The man has absolutely no understanding of what America is about. November 6 had better hurry up and get here!


That’s what we’re calling it around here, because ice picks — or stilettos, for that matter; same principle — don’t look as imposing as a gun or a knife, but they’ll kill you just as easily.

Dozens of tiny daggers, slipped in almost unawares, withdrawn quickly, delivered with a low key manner or even smiles.

You know there’s something wrong with the kind of job he’s done as President, when the best feeling you had was the day you voted for him.

Hope and Change has become Divide and Conquer.

These are the ideas that people come to America to get away from.

We all know that Biden is the intellect of the Democratic Party.

Now my dad made sure I could take care of myself.  I carried a Smith and Wesson 357 magnum.

I’ll be damned. We’re Republicans.

We own this country. Politicians are employees of ours.

Our problem is not that he’s a bad person. It’s that he’s a bad President.

It’s on!

The brave new world

The unhappy outcome of society’s embrace of abortion: after-birth abortions. So called to hide what that really is:


Now promoted by a so-called medical ethicist near you.

Let’s paraphrase for a moment:

First they came for the unborn, who had no meaningful right to life, existing as they did in their mother’s womb; and we did nothing to save the unborn.

Then they came for the elderly ailing, who had no meaningful right to life, since they were in pain and a burden on others; and we did nothing to save the elderly ailing.

Then they came for the babies, who had no meaningful right to life because they were just too young to care for themselves or articulate their experiences & dreams; “their moral status was just like that of fetuses”; and we did nothing to save the babies.

When they come for us — what?! you think they won’t? — we truly will have no meaningful right to life, because we have allowed the murders and thus betrayed our humanity.


It’s a depraved species that encourages the killing of its young.


(And this statement from the journal’s editor, concerning death threats the so-called medical ethicists have allegedly received, is richly ironic:

“[T]here is a drive is to silence and, in the extreme, kill, based on their own moral certainty. That is not the sort of society we should live in.”

You don’t say.)

A small moment of joy

I was self-medicating with one of those Dove dark chocolates a couple of days ago. You know: the ones with the insipid messages inside the foil wrapper. “Chocolate loves you unconditionally.” (While I believe in a magical universe, I’m not delusional.) “You’re delicious!” (And the chocolate knows this how? Or, if it is going around saying that to every chocolate eater, then I’m not really that special anymore, am I?) “Calories only exist if you count them.” (Uh, no, that’s just a lie. We all know this, I hope, and eat our chocolate anyway.)

But this wrapper had the most inspiring message evah: “Smiting is free!“


Then I saw that it actually read, “Smiling is free.” Oh, well, if you say so.

My 2 cents worth

won’t save the Republic, since 2¢ isn’t even worth 2¢ anymore; and what’s 2¢ faced with umpty-ump trillions of dollars anyway? But, I have a few comments:

To the Whiner-in-Chief’s complaint that a short-term debt limit increase means the Grinch will steal Christmas, there is a very simple answer: so, spend less and thus buy time before the debt ceiling negotiations need to begin again. Couldn’t this administration do that little bit for the country? (That is of course taking the complaint at face value; when we all quite reasonably suspect that really he’s just campaigning again. Does the man ever stop campaigning? Although, campaigning is the only thing he has talent for, so it is probably too much to hope that he could change his ways, just for a few months.)

To the Whiner-in-Chief & all of Congress, a point I made in an email to my Congressman the other day: you are borrowing 40¢ of every dollar you spend. I defy you to try that in your personal finances, and I cannot believe you have ever been so irresponsible when you were spending your own personal money.

To the Whiner-in-Chief & all the Democrats in Congress: You are collectively profligate beyond comprehension, and your contempt for honest, hard-working Americans, whose money you see fit to toss into the abyss, is appalling. Your profligacy ought to be seen as treason. You belong in debtor’s prisons, not in our federal government.

To all the Republicans in Congress who are resisting the level-headedness of the new (tea party elected) representatives: You are not much better. In fact, you may be worse: the (presumably) good men who did nothing to stop a great evil. AKA, enablers. You too wish to throw our money down the abyss. How dare you?!

Beyond that, Philmon has the best sum up of the situation. Go read him.

On the other hand

We have cherries. All is not, yet, lost.

(And with the cherries, some of my natural optimism returns.)

I haven’t felt much like writing recently. That must be obvious.

I’ve been wondering: is this how it felt in 1937? or maybe 1914?

I see the maelstrom approaching: an ever-encroaching federal government, nearly a failure at what it is supposed to do but dedicated to assaulting liberty and individuality more each day; the worldwide rise of anti-Semitism; the worldwide debt and currency crisis; the food crisis.

I see how we have already been affected. We haven’t travelled in years, not even a weekend away for our anniversary. We have cut out as much spending as possible. We need to cut some more. What we’ve got isn’t going to be worth much of anything, and it will need to last an indeterminate amount of time. This does not inspire confidence!

I see my neighbors, nearly all retirees living “the good life” and seemingly oblivious to the disaster that is preparing to pounce. They travel, they shop, they praise ObamaCare. When I wonder about their style of living, I remind myself that many of them have pensions paid for by taxpayers. They may feel insulated from financial difficulties now, but that situation will be changing, probably sooner rather than later. They do not seem even to have noticed that their financial situations are precarious.

And it is not just money, of course. The respect currently given to pernicious ideas takes my breath away.

Is this how it felt to be on the brink of world war, to witness the beginnings of the Holocaust?

We have all lived so well for so long. Do we have what it takes to weather the approaching storm? Is there anything at all that we can do to ameliorate the hard times coming?

We’re in cougar country. You can hike around any time of the day you like, even dusk and dawn; but if you fail to keep a lookout, it will be your own skin.


(I do still believe we’ll muddle through!)

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